Martin Thodi

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For rural areas, wireless is the only viable alternative for providing affordable telecommunications services. One limiting factor to the growth of wireless broadband penetration is the lack of available spectrum. White Spaces broadband uses gaps in spectrum bands that have been reserved for TV broadcasts. These frequencies offer significant capacity to(More)
Recently, the use of TV White Spaces for broadband communication has raised interest. White Spaces refer to regions of radio spectrum that are not used all the time in a specific geographical location. This paper presents the preliminary performance assessment of a TV White Spaces deployment in Malawi. The method used involved coverage simulations at the TV(More)
Performance status of the Malawi TVWS pilot as of December 2013 is presented. Basic performance metrics like throughput, latency, SNR have been analyzed using known path loss empirical models like Hata, Asset and Friis. Additionally, this paper presents new data mining tools developed using Python and Perl which were deployed at each TVWS station’s ALIX(More)
Collaboration is a huge part of modern software development. Yet most tools used in software development are aimed for single user instances. To support collaborative software practices, researchers and practitioners have presented several tools. The existing tools support collaboration either through distributed version control systems or through(More)
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