Martin Theus

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Masqueraders in computer intrusion detection are people who use somebody else's computer account. We investigate a number of statistical approaches for detecting masqueraders. To evaluate them, we collected UNIX command data from 50 users and then contaminated the data with masqueraders. The experiment was blinded. We show results from our methods and two(More)
Unlike other electrophysiological measurements such as electrocardiography (ECG) and electroencephalography (EEG), the cutaneous measurement of the electrical activity of the stomach (electrogastrography, EGG) is not an established clinical diagnostic procedure. To overcome common problems in acquiring very-low-frequency signals in the presence of large and(More)
Dealing with missing values is inconvenient in many ways. Although every statistician has to admit that the structure of missing values can be very meaningful for the interpretation of data, neither statistical software nor statistical theory can deal with missing values in a convincing way. Interactive Statistical Graphics offer a possibility of getting(More)
Dataming is obviously a ”buzzword”, which does not really describe an academic discipline, but more a field of application of the established disciplines statistics and computer science. Both disciplines do not really cover what dataminers need and lack a certain part. This paper trys to illustrate what the traditional disciplines miss and why new pseudo(More)