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Dealing with missing values is inconvenient in many ways. Although every statistician has to admit that the structure of missing values can be very meaningful for the interpretation of data, neither statistical software nor statistical theory can deal with missing values in a convincing way. Interactive Statistical Graphics offer a possibility of getting(More)
Mitochondria participate in the maintenance of cellular Ca2+ homeostasis. Here we show that the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporine A at low concentrations inhibits release but not uptake of Ca2+ by mitochondria. Prevention of Ca2+ release is due to inhibition of intramitochondrial enzymatic hydrolysis of NAD to ADP-ribose and nicotinamide. These findings(More)
There is no native interface to R other than the command line. Since the majority of the users want to have a bit more comfortable interface to R, various, platform dependent GUIs have been developed. They are all different, support different features and are usually insufficient for the expert user. JGR (speak jaguar) is a Java Gui for R. It addresses(More)
1 Introduction 2 The Data ABSTRACT: Categorical data arise in many i n v estigations. Usually, such data will be displayed in contingency tables and analysed using loglinear models and-type-statistics. However, the visualisation of more than three variables is very poor in contingency tables. In the modelling phase, often, imputations based upon prior(More)