Martin Tessmer

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Dynorphin A (1-17) (dynorphin) acts preferentially and with high affinity at the kappa-opioid receptor, for which it is the natural, endogenous ligand. Interest in designing new ligands to interact at the kappa-opioid receptor is based in part on the desire to circumvent some of the problems associated with mu-opioid ligands such as morphine. The(More)
This research explored the thesis that mental model construction can be an effective instructional strategy for mental models learning by constructing a prototype that embodies this approach. The mental model to be learned was the Internet, including the components of the Internet, their functions, and their relationships to one another. To do this,(More)
A mental model is a knowledge structure composed of concepts and the relations between them. Mental models are distinct from declarative and procedural knowledge-they go beyond semantic relationships and skills acquisition and contain varied intellectual skills and knowledge. This study describes an initial investigation into the construct validity of(More)
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