Martin Strassner

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Smarte Dinge besitzen ein großes Potenzial, um Geschäftsprozesse zu verbessern. Anwendungsbeispiele findet man schon heute in vielen Bereichen wie etwa der Logistik, der Produktion oder dem Handel. Anhand dieser Beispiele lässt sich zeigen, dass solche Anwendungen technisch machbar und betriebswirtschaftlich sinnvoll sind. In vielen Anwendungsfällen kommen(More)
Ubiquitous Computing bears a high potential in the area of aircraft maintenance. Extensive requirements regarding quality, safety, and documentation as well as high costs for having aircrafts idle during maintenance demand for an efficient execution of the process. Major weaknesses that impact the efficiency of the process are an inadequate tool management,(More)
The authors report a compact and highly selective tunable filter using a Fabry-Perot resonator combining a bottom micromachined 3-pair-InP/air-gap Bragg reflector with a top photonic crystal slab mirror. It is based on the coupling between radiated vertical cavity modes and waveguided modes of the photonic crystal. The full-width at half maximum (FWHM) of(More)
An optically pumped, high-power, single-frequency semiconductor disk laser is demonstrated. A thin (50 microm) diamond bonded to an InGaAsP gain chip provides the combined functions of heat removal and spectral filtering, thus eliminating the need for the additional intracavity etalons that are usually employed for single-frequency operation. In a short(More)
This work reports single-frequency laser oscillation at λ = 1003.4 nm of an optically pumped external cavity semiconductor laser. By using a gain structure bonded onto a high conductivity substrate, we demonstrate both theoretically and experimentally the strong reduction of the thermal resistance of the active semiconductor medium, resulting in a high(More)
Passive mode locking of an optically pumped, InP-based, 1550 nm semiconductor disk laser by using a GaInNAs saturable absorber mirror is demonstrated. To reduce material heating and enable high-power operation, a 50 microm thick diamond heat spreader is bonded to the surface of the gain chip. The laser operates at a repetition frequency of 2.97 GHz and(More)
A room temperature operating Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Laser is applied around 1550 nm to intracavity laser absorption spectroscopy analyzed by timeresolved Fourier transform interferometry. At an equivalent pathlength of 15 km, the high resolution spectrum of the semiconductor disk laser emission covers 17 nm simultaneously. A noise(More)