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Kant and Moral Demandingness
We discuss the demandingness of Kant’s ethics. Whilst previous discussions of this issue focused on imperfect duties, our first aim is to show that Kantian demandingness is especially salient in theExpand
Kant and the Problem of Demandingness: Introduction
In the Second Critique, Kant criticizes the Stoics for ‘straining the moral capacities of a human being ... far beyond all the limits of his nature’ (CPrR, 5: 127.2–3). The Stoic conception of virtueExpand
Educating the Common Agent: Kant on the Varieties of Moral Education
Abstract: I discuss the relation between Kant’s trust in the rational capacities of ordinary agents and education. First, I show that Kant is very optimistic regarding our common moral capacities.Expand
Kant's Criticism of Common Moral Rational Cognition
There is a consensus that Kant's aim in the Groundwork is to clarify, systematize and vindicate the common conception of morality. Philosophical theory hence serves a restorative function. It canExpand
The Moral-Psychology of the Common Agent – A Reply to Ido Geiger1
Ido Geiger's paper ‘What it is the Use of the Universal Law Formula of the Categorical Imperative?’ is part of a growing trend in Kant scholarship, which stresses the significance of the rationalExpand