Martin Steinhart

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Wafer-scale fabrication of ferroelectric oxide nanoshell tubes as well as ordered nanotube arrays have been accomplished using a simple and convenient fabrication method that allows full tailoring of tube dimensions as well as array pattern and size. Using different silicon and alumina templates, barium titanate and lead zirconate titanate tubes with(More)
Despite concerns over toxicity, carbon nanotubes have been extensively investigated for potential applications in nanomedicine because of their small size, unique properties, and ability to carry cargo such as small molecules and nucleic acids. Herein, we show that polymer nanotubes can be synthesized quickly and easily from a homopolymer of ethylene glycol(More)
Introduction. Effects of nanometric confinement on polymer structure and dynamics have been in the focus for more than 15 years, primarily with the aim of providing the physical understanding for nanoscale polymer applications such as in composite materials. Changes in T g are probably the most researched, but still controversial issue, with clear and(More)
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