Martin Steinhart

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Wafer-scale fabrication of ferroelectric oxide nanoshell tubes as well as ordered nanotube arrays have been accomplished using a simple and convenient fabrication method that allows full tailoring of tube dimensions as well as array pattern and size. Using different silicon and alumina templates, barium titanate and lead zirconate titanate tubes with(More)
The therapeutic efficacy of amitriptyline in irritable bowel was studied in a cross-over double-blind trial, employing fourteen patients whose symptoms were rated as Class II or worse on an arbitrarily-defined interval scale and who had not benefited from previous trials of anticholinergics, anticholinergic-sedative combinations, and bulk-forming agents.(More)
Delirium is a frequently encountered clinical syndrome which can pose serious problems for the physician and patient. Numerous etiological possibilities exist, and each case is usually associated with multiple causal factors. Although the pathophysiology is poorly understood, the clinical presentation is marked either by stupor and hypoarousal or agitation(More)
Many insect species reversibly adhere to surfaces by combining contact splitting (contact formation via fibrillar contact elements) and wet adhesion (supply of liquid secretion via pores in the insects' feet). Here, we fabricate insect-inspired fibrillar pads for wet adhesion containing continuous pore systems through which liquid is supplied to the contact(More)
Larvae of Coregonus spp. were reared in the laboratory under different temperature (4. 6 and 8 C) and feeding conditions (ad libitum. limited. with starvation intervals). Their RNA·DNA ratios were determined with a highly sensitive fluorescence technique. After resorption of their yolk reserves (about 2 weeks after hatching). well fed larvae (RNA DNA> 2·';)(More)
Bioinspired artificial surfaces with tailored adhesive properties have attracted significant interest. While fibrillar adhesive pads mimicking gecko feet are optimized for strong reversible adhesion, monolithic microsphere arrays mimicking the slippery zone of the pitchers of carnivorous plants of the genus Nepenthes show anti-adhesive properties even(More)
Despite concerns over toxicity, carbon nanotubes have been extensively investigated for potential applications in nanomedicine because of their small size, unique properties, and ability to carry cargo such as small molecules and nucleic acids. Herein, we show that polymer nanotubes can be synthesized quickly and easily from a homopolymer of ethylene glycol(More)
Evaporation of volatile liquids from nanoporous media with bicontinuous morphology and pore diameters of a few 10 nm is an ubiquitous process. For example, such drying processes occur during syntheses of nanoporous materials by sol-gel chemistry or by spinodal decomposition in the presence of solvents as well as during solution impregnation of nanoporous(More)
Introduction. Effects of nanometric confinement on polymer structure and dynamics have been in the focus for more than 15 years, primarily with the aim of providing the physical understanding for nanoscale polymer applications such as in composite materials. Changes in T g are probably the most researched, but still controversial issue, with clear and(More)
A heterogeneous sample completed a demographic survey, a measure of internal-external locus of control (I-E), the Hospital Stress Rating Scale (HSRS), and a state anxiety measure on the eve of major surgery. Three sets of variables (demographic, cognitive, and experiential) together significantly accounted for one-quarter of the variance in state anxiety.(More)