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Fagan inspections can be used to find errors in documents used during systems development. In the practice of Fagan inspections it has been found that Group Support Systems (GSSs) can significantly enhance error detection [1]. This paper describes our findings on the use of a GSS by Fagan inspection teams in an experimental setup. In this study, 24 students(More)
Over the past decades, large organisations have developed increasingly complex portfolios of information systems to support business processes. Maintenance and leveraging of these so-called system complexes have become a major challenge to many executive boards. The challenge is even bigger for organisations that are the result of mergers. The question(More)
Previous research suggested that the performance of inter-organisational processes can be influenced by eight factors: stakeholders, competition, information technology, market network design, perceived risk, process design, information, and trust. This paper specifically focuses on the consequences of market network redesign for inter-organisational(More)