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This survey paper starts with a critical analysis of various performance metrics for supply chain management (SCM), used by a specific manufacturing company. Then it summarizes how economic theory treats multiple performance metrics. Actually, the paper proposes to deal with multiple metrics in SCM via the balanced scorecard — which measures customers,(More)
Fagan inspections can be used to find errors in documents used during systems development. In the practice of Fagan inspections it has been found that Group Support Systems (GSSs) can significantly enhance error detection [1]. This paper describes our findings on the use of a GSS by Fagan inspection teams in an experimental setup. In this study, 24 students(More)
This article describes a research project to investigate strategic decision-making by multi-cultural virtual teams. By 'virtual', we mean the team does not necessarily meet face-io-face and ihai ii depends 10 a large extend upon information technology to communicate. We include any technology that could be useful, from telephone to electronic mail to(More)