Martin Smith

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Whilst there has been much discussion of Java as a first programming language, JavaScript has been comparatively ignored. This paper argues the merits of JavaScript as a first programming language for Multimedia students. It then describes the content of modules that use this approach, and reports experiences and findings on first delivery. As a result of(More)
The growing popularity of e-books, e-book readers and tablet devices is forcing a reappraisal of the various functions of 'the book' in education. Furthermore, e-books are becoming a more salient element in the ecology of mobile learning, as new devices make reading a more comfortable and sociable experience. We report on the results of an 18-month project(More)
Objective Alcohol-related admissions are increasing. A significant number of these admissions are attributable to a small number of complex patients with other comorbidities who do not engage well with mainstream services. Assertive outreach teams have been used in the field of psychiatry to engage patients who are poorly compliant. This study examines(More)
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