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We discuss solvers for Sylvester, Lyapunov, and Stein equations that are available in the SLICOT Library (Subroutine Library In COntrol Theory). These solvers offer improved efficiency , reliability, and functionality compared to corresponding solvers in other computer-aided control system design packages. The performance of the SLICOT solvers is compared(More)
Current density inhomogeneities on electrodes (of physical, chemical, or optical origin) induce long-range electrohydrodynamic fluid motion directed toward the regions of higher current density. Here, we analyze the flow and its implications for the orderly arrangement of colloidal particles as effected by this flow on patterned electrodes. A scaling(More)
We consider a stationary and ergodic random field {ω(e) : e ∈ E d } that is parameterized by the edge set of the Euclidean lattice Z d , d ≥ 2. The random variable ω(e), taking values in [0, ∞) and satisfying certain moment bounds, is thought of as the conductance of the edge e. Assuming that the set of edges with positive conductances give rise to a unique(More)
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