Martin Simlastík

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The paper presents a software tool that demonstrates principles of RAM memory testing and of the memory BIST structure. The MemBIST software tool automatically generates built-in self-test blocks for a given memory matrix as a VHDL model of the whole system. As a complement to the BIST structure generator, a module for visualisation of selected RAM memory(More)
Digital compression of audio signals has become increasingly more important with the advent of fast and inexpensive microprocessors and digital signal processors. Several compression schemes were developed and well established. Most of them adopt MDCT/IMDCT. This paper presents a new MDCT IP core generator. The software tool generates several MDCT(More)
Dual-channel 0.5 A high-side intelligent power distribution switch with overcurrent and overtemperature circuit protection and soft start feature is proposed in this paper. The switch is dedicated to use in portable USB devices. Besides that, another motivation was to use the switch as a mixed-signal test vehicle to evaluate feasibility of current sensors(More)
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