Martin Siebel

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The fragmentation function of quarks and gluons is measured in various three-jet topologies in Z decays collected with the Delphi detector between 1991 and 1994. The results are compared at diierent values of a transverse-momentum-like scale. Gluon jets are identiied in three-jet events containing primary heavy quarks using impact parameter information.(More)
The charged multiplicity of quark and gluon jets is investigated for various three-jet topologies observed in Z decays and compared for diierent energy and transverse-momentum-like scales. Gluon jets are identiied in heavy quark events using impact parameter information. Quark jet properties are obtained from events with 2 jets and a hard photon and from(More)
The study of the differences of the fragmentation of quarks and gluons to jets of hadrons gives insight into the fundamental structure of QCD. Results from different approaches to properties of quarks and gluons are shown. The colour factor ratio C A /C F is measured in agreement with the QCD prediction. Identified particles in quark and gluon jets are(More)
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