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One hundred and fifteen high school pupils from Holon (a city in the center of Israel) participated in a study about the prevalence, knowledge and attitudes of these pupils towards drugs and other addictions (cigarettes and alcohol). Their mean age was 16.13 (+/-1.59) years; 43.9% were boys and 56.1% were girls. A total of 1.6% of the pupils regularly used(More)
The identification of psychological and interpersonal factors that predict cooperation and agreement between ex-spouses is important to understanding, and eventually promoting, healthy postdivorce adjustment of parents and their children. By drawing on object relations theory, the authors identified differences between 16 ex-couples who were able to(More)
  • M Sherer
  • 1985
The effects of a positive peer culture (PPC) program [H. H. Vorrath and L. K. Brendatro (1974),Positive Peer Culture, Aladin, Chicago, Illinois] upon the moral development of "youths in distress" within the framework of streetcorner gangs was measured. This group was compared with two control groups, one related and the other unrelated to the participants.(More)
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