Martin Seiffert

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The Microwave Anisotropy Probe and Planck missions will provide low noise maps of the temperature of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). These maps will allow measurement of the power spectrum of the CMB with measurement noise below cosmic variance for ℓ < 1500. It is anticipated that no further all sky CMB temperature observations will be needed after(More)
Versatility and real world applicability are key features of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). In order to achieve these benefits we have to face the challenges of high practical relevance during application. We deploy and evaluate the concrete example of a fence monitoring task to reveal how our distributed event detection system is able to perform under(More)
The Absolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Diffuse Emission (ARCADE) is a balloon-borne instrument designed to measure the temperature of the cosmic microwave background at centimeter wavelengths. ARCADE searches for deviations from a blackbody spectrum resulting from energy releases in the early universe. Long-wavelength distortions in the(More)
—Athletes can improve their skills by using supervising training devices with integrated digital feedback. For example, martial art techniques are often complex in detail and need to be perfectly adopted from the teacher. Distributed event detection systems for digital devices enhance the individual training, resulting in a higher precision of the technique(More)
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