Martin Sehlstedt

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This paper investigates the possible system gain for a multiresolution broadcast system using multilayer transmission of multiresolution data by utilizing nonuniform layer transmission energies. It shows how to find the energy distribution that maximizes the system performance, measured in the form of a sum of a weighted layer values population product(More)
This thesis presents research results on how the physical layer can aid in the delivery of scalable media. The thesis focuses on wireless links (point-to-point and broadcast) due to their lower capacity. To avoid unnecessary delays and system complexity the physical layer is assumed to cooperate with the source coder and the rest of the network at arm’s(More)
Optimization of an N-layer digital multiresolution broadcasting system with respect to some form of quality×population product objective function appears to be an N-dimensional problem. However, with a generalized broadcasting model using N orthogonal channels with BPSK signaling under the assumption of uniform population distribution the problem can be(More)
Real-time multimedia transfer through the Internet becomes more difficult when wireless links are in the path, due to the time varying channel capacity, from interference and multipath fading effects which introduce additional stochastic variations beyond the wireline network traffic effects. These wireless variations create problems for existing end-to-end(More)
A Discontinuous transmission (DTX) system, which is widely adopted in speech codecs, is an important function for speech communication systems that can reduce the transmission bandwidth by at least a half. Within a DTX system, the comfort noise generation (CNG) plays a key role in the overall quality. Critical performance parameters with respect to the CNG(More)
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