Martin Schreiber

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High-resolution imaging in liquids using frequency modulation atomic force microscopy is known to suffer from additional peaks in the resonance spectrum that are unrelated to the cantilever resonance. These unwanted peaks are caused by acoustic modes of the liquid and the setup arising from the indirect oscillation excitation by a piezoelectric transducer.(More)
  • A Mm Obius, A D Az-Ss Anchez, +5 authors A Neklioudov
  • 1998
Among the various heuristic approaches to combinatorial optimization, local-search-based evolutionary algorithms have been particularly successful for the last years. We present two algorithms developed for jumping from local minimum to local minimum: Thermal cycling consists of cyclically heating and quenching by Metropolis and local search procedures,(More)
Today’s interactive television systems are using proprietary communication protocols and interchange formats. To provide interoperability at the application level the next generation of interactive television system will be based on standardized communication protocols, monomedia and multimedia formats. This paper presents the Globally Accessible Services(More)
We determine the statistical properties of wave functions in disordered quantum systems by exact diagonalization of one-, two-and quasi-one dimensional tight-binding Hamiltonians. We nd that the tails of the distribution of wave-function amplitudes are described by the non-linear-model. In two dimensions, the tails of the distribution function are(More)
Scale formation, the deposition of certain minerals such as CaCO3, MgCO3, and CaSO4·2H2O in industrial facilities and household devices, leads to reduced efficiency or severe damage. Therefore, incrustation is a major problem in everyday life. In recent years, double hydrophilic block copolymers (DHBCs) have been the focus of interest in academia with(More)
We discuss the application of modern eigenvalue algorithms to an eigenvalue problem arising in quantum physics, namely, the computation of a few interior eigenvalues and their associated eigenvectors for the large, sparse, real, symmetric, and inde nite matrices of the Anderson model of localization. This seemingly innocuous problem presents a major(More)
  • W . L . Strohmaier, K . - H . Bichler, +18 authors V . Rattan
  • Urological Research
  • 2004
s of the 13th Urolithiasis Symposium Bonn Vienna Vienna (Austria), March 26-28, 1987 Conference Secretary: P. R. Schmidt, M.D., Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien-Lainz, Wolkersbergenstral~e 1, A-1130 Wien (Austria) Editing: R. M. Schaefer, M. D., Urologische Universit~itsklinik, D-5300 Bonn (FRG)
A procedure is presented which considerably improves the performance of local search based heuristic algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems. It increases the average \gain" of the individual local searches by merging pairs of solutions: certain parts of either solution are transcribed by the related parts of the respective other solution,(More)
Abstract. Much evidence has been collected to date which shows that repulsive electronelectron interaction can lead to the formation of particle pairs in a one-dimensional random energy landscape. The localization length λ2 of these pair states is finite, but larger than the localization length λ1 of the individual particles. After a short review of(More)
Biological tests with soil samples were performed to fix the sterilization time for a new steam sterilizer. These tests yielded repeatedly positive spore findings despite modifications of the conditions of sterilization. Having excluded a series of possible sources of trouble, the authors stated that the quality of the steam was the assignable cause. After(More)