Martin Schneider

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In geographical information systems (GIS) vector data has important applications in the analysis and management of virtual landscapes. Therefore, methods that allow combined visualization of terrain and geo-spatial vector data are required. Such methods have to adapt the vector data to the terrain surface and to ensure a precise and efficient mapping. In(More)
INTRODUCTION The RIII reflex is used in fundamental and clinical pain research. Here we introduce a continual reflex threshold tracking algorithm to facilitate investigations of the time courses of influences on the threshold. METHODS First we investigated the probability of reflex occurrence at the threshold estimated by the continual algorithm and the(More)
| The system under investigation is the hydraulically driven autonomous large scale combined legged and wheeled vehicle ALDURO. In this paper two complete mechatronic simulation models, realized in the object-oriented programming language C++, will be presented. Both contain the mechanical system including an explicit solution of the kinematic loops. The(More)
The nociceptive flexion reflex (NFR) is a widely used tool to investigate spinal nociception for scientific and diagnostic purposes, but its clinical use is currently limited due to the painful measurement procedure, especially restricting its applicability for patients suffering from chronic pain disorders. Here we introduce a less painful algorithm to(More)
A detailed dynamic model of hydraulically driven mobile large-scale manipula-tors is presented. The model can be used as simulation model, for the calculation of the forces in the design process and for the development of the controllers, which are required for tracking given trajectories, but also to avoid vibrations. It takes into account all relevant(More)