Martin Schmollinger

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BACKGROUND Parallel computing is frequently used to speed up computationally expensive tasks in Bioinformatics. RESULTS Herein, a parallel version of the multi-alignment program DIALIGN is introduced. We propose two ways of dividing the program into independent sub-routines that can be run on different processors: (a) pair-wise sequence alignments that(More)
SUMMARY Searches for variable motifs such as protein-binding sites or promoter regions are more complex than the search for casual motifs. For example, in amino acid sequences comparing motifs alone mostly proves to be insufficient to detect regions that represent proteins with a special function, because the function depends on biochemical properties of(More)
Thec haracter of knowledge-intense processes is that participantsd ecide then ext processactivities on base of thepresent informationa nd their expert knowledge.T he decisions of thesek nowledge workers arei ng eneral non-deterministic. It is not possible to model these processes in advancea nd to automate them usingaprocesse ngineo f aB PM system. Hence,(More)