Martin Schmidt

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This paper details a free surface method using an explicit time stepping scheme for use in z-coordinate ocean models. One key property that makes the method especially suitable for climate simulations is its very stable numerical time stepping scheme, which allows for the use of a long density time step, as commonly employed with coarse-resolution rigid-lid(More)
VIDEO ABSTRACT Extracellular recordings have elucidated spatial neural representations without identifying underlying microcircuits. We labeled neurons juxtacellularly in medial entorhinal cortex of freely moving rats with a friction-based, pipette-stabilization system. In a linear maze novel to the animals, spatial firing of superficial layer neurons was(More)
To analyze possible generalizations of reaction-diffusion schemes for the case of subdiffusion we discuss a simple monomolecular conversion A --> B. We derive the corresponding kinetic equations for the local and concentrations. Their form is rather unusual: The parameters of the reaction influence the diffusion term in the equation for a component A, a(More)
The experimental results reported in many papers suggest that making an appropriate a priori choice of an evolutionary method for a nonlinear parameter optimization problem remains an open question. It seems that the most promising approach at this stage of research is experimental, involving a design of a scalable test suite of constrained optimization(More)
Software product line engineering is an emerging methodology for the development of variant-rich software systems. As software product lines are viable for this purpose, testing them is complicated in contrast to non-variable systems, as there is an increasingly amount of possible products due to the number of features. There exist many methods proposed for(More)
A continuous-time bandpass delta-sigma modulator (CT BPDSM) for class-S power amplifier applications with a center frequency of 2.2 GHz is presented. Class-S amplifiers are considered to provide a very power efficient way to amplify signals with high dynamic range. The modulator has a multifeedback architecture. It features a low noise transconductor with(More)
A large proportion of non-syndromic autosomal recessive deafness (NSARD) in many populations is caused by variants of the GJB2 gene. Here, the frequency of GJB2 variants was studied in 406 and 183 apparently unrelated children from Kenya and Sudan, respectively, with mostly severe to profound non-syndromic deafness. Nine (2.2 %) Kenyan and 12 (6.6 %) of the(More)
We present an account of a process by which different conceptualisations of number can be blended together to form new conceptualisations via recognition of common features, and judicious combination of their distinctive features. The accounts of number are based on Lakoff and Núñez’s cognitively based grounding metaphors for arithmetic. The approach(More)