Martin Scherer

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Authors/Task Force Members: Don Poldermans (Chairperson) (The Netherlands), Jeroen J. Bax (The Netherlands), Eric Boersma (The Netherlands), Stefan De Hert (The Netherlands), Erik Eeckhout (Switzerland), Gerry Fowkes (UK), Bulent Gorenek (Turkey), Michael G. Hennerici (Germany), Bernard Iung (France), Malte Kelm (Germany), Keld Per Kjeldsen (Denmark), Steen(More)
Joep Perk, Guy De Backer, Helmut Gohlke, Ian Graham, Željko Reine, W.M. Monique Verschuren, Christian Albus, Pascale Benlian, Gudrun Boysen, Renata Cifkova, Christi Deaton, Shah Ebrahim, Miles Fisher, Giuseppe Germano, Richard Hobbs, Arno Hoes, Sehnaz Karadeniz, Alessandro Mezzani, Eva Prescott, Lars Ryden, Martin Scherer , Mikko Syvänne, Wilma J.M. Scholte(More)
BACKGROUND Quality indicators (QIs) are used in many healthcare settings to measure, compare, and improve quality of care. For the efficient development of high-quality QIs, rigorous, approved, and evidence-based development methods are needed. Clinical practice guidelines are a suitable source to derive QIs from, but no gold standard for guideline-based QI(More)
The aim of this study is to evaluate the validity and the psychometric properties of a German version of the 20-item neck pain and disability scale (NPAD) for use in primary care settings. Four hundred and forty-eight participants from 15 general practices in the area of Göttingen Germany completed a multidimensional questionnaire including a newly(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (AD) dementia in late mild cognitive impairment (LMCI), early MCI (EMCI), and subjective memory impairment (SMI) with normal test performance. METHODS The baseline sample (n = 2892) of the prospective cohort study in nondemented individuals (German Study on Aging, Cognition and Dementia in(More)
This paper introduces a new highly optimized architecture for remote memory access (RMA). RMA, using put and get operations, is a one-sided communication function which amongst others is important in current and upcoming Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) systems. In this work, a virtualized hardware unit is described which is resource optimized,(More)
BACKGROUND The rapid progress of psychosomatic research in cardiology and also the increasing impact of psychosocial issues in the clinical daily routine have prompted the Clinical Commission of the German Heart Society (DGK) to agree to an update of the first state of the art paper on this issue which was originally released in 2008. METHODS The circle(More)
BACKGROUND Whether late-onset depression is a risk factor for or a prodrome of dementia remains unclear. We investigated the impact of depressive symptoms and early- v. late-onset depression on subsequent dementia in a cohort of elderly general-practitioner patients (n = 2663, mean age = 81.2 years). METHOD Risk for subsequent dementia was estimated over(More)
BACKGROUND Multimorbidity is a phenomenon with high burden and high prevalence in the elderly. Our previous research has shown that multimorbidity can be divided into the multimorbidity patterns of 1) anxiety, depression, somatoform disorders (ADS) and pain, and 2) cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. However, it is not yet known, how these patterns are(More)