Martin Schätz

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BACKGROUND Analysis of gait features provides important information during the treatment of neurological disorders, including Parkinson's disease. It is also used to observe the effects of medication and rehabilitation. The methodology presented in this paper enables the detection of selected gait attributes by Microsoft (MS) Kinect image and depth sensors(More)
Movement disorders, problems with motion and gait stability related to aging form a very intensively studied research area. The paper presents a contribution to these topics through the use of data acquired by motion sensors and namely image and depth sensors of the MS Kinect. While video sequences obtained by complex camera systems can be used for the(More)
This paper presents a novel method of gait recognition that uses the image and depth sensors of the Microsoft (MS) Kinect to track the skeleton of a moving body and allows for simple human–machine interaction. While video sequences acquired by complex camera systems enable very precise data analyses and motion detection, much simpler technical devices can(More)
This paper is devoted to a new method of using Microsoft (MS) Kinect sensors for non-contact monitoring of breathing and heart rate estimation to detect possible medical and neurological disorders. Video sequences of facial features and thorax movements are recorded by MS Kinect image, depth and infrared sensors to enable their time analysis in selected(More)
Complex continuous wavelet coherence (WTC) can be used for non-stationary signals, such as electroencephalograms. Areas of the WTC with a coherence higher than the calculated optimal threshold were obtained, and the sum of their areas was used as a criterion to differentiate between groups of experienced insight-focused meditators, calm-focused meditators(More)
To determine the value of digital storage-phosphor radiography (SR) on the detection and identification of subtle lung nodules, postero-anterior (PA) and lateral (LAT) film-screen (FR) chest radiographs were compared with isodose SR images of 45 patients with metastatic malignancies. The SR postprocessing was done with a particular mode previously optimized(More)
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