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— Robot path planning problem is one of most important task mobile robots. This paper proposes an original approach using a path description by string of cubic splines. Such path is easy executable and natural for car-like robot. Furthermore, it is possible to ensure smooth derivation in connections of particular splines. In this case, the path planning is(More)
We present a fast and precise vision-based software intended for multiple robot localization. The core component of the software is a novel and efficient algorithm for black and white pattern detection. The method is robust to variable lighting conditions, achieves sub-pixel precision and its computational complexity is independent of the processed image(More)
— In this paper, we present a small, lightweight , low-cost, fast and reliable system designed to satisfy requirements of relative localization within a swarm of micro aerial vehicles. The core of the proposed solution is based on off-the-shelf components consisting of the Caspa camera module and Gumstix Overo board accompanied by a developed efficient(More)
— In this paper an approach for snow shoveling of airfields using formations of snowploughs is introduced. The vehicle formations split and reunite depending on the varying width of the roads to clean. An optimal schedule is derived for the vehicles guaranteeing complete coverage of the graph which is used to model the airfield. Based on the schedule a(More)
— An efficient snow cleaning system is essential for optimal airport traffic during the winter term. In this paper an autonomous approach based on formation driving of cooperative mobile vehicles is described. The method is composed of two independent elements. The route scheduling part designs a time optimal plan for all robots and the formation driving(More)