Martin Samuelcík

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Applications of augmented reality have a great immersion potential for education, edutainment or cultural heritage presentations. The combination of intuitive and playful interaction with multi-faceted presentation options proved to be an effective mixture that attracts viewers to educational or cultural content. We introduce a multi-touch augmented reality(More)
In this paper we present a technique for modeling solids based on the rational trivariate Bézier expressions. These solids are defined by analytical expression. For modeling purposes we focus on rotational, transitional and twisted solids. Final visualization is then done by approximation of solids by net of points and by boundary evaluation of solid. We(More)
1 ABSTRACT There are several projects aimed at creating the 3D virtual city models for bigger cities all over the world. In order to bring these models closer to smaller cities to be used e.g. in urban planning or regional development the trade-off between cost and quality of the model should be solved. From this point of view we discuss the input data(More)
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