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Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is a widely used method for research and visualization of the brain function. However, its clinical use is still limited. Our objective was to study fMRI reliability in localizing the primary hand motor cortex (M1) under pathological conditions caused by the proximity of a brain tumour. The results were then(More)
Although many reports mention a "high jugular bulb" (HJB), it is often not clearly defined. We examined the relationship between the jugular bulb (JB) and the internal auditory canal (IAC) in 200 temporal bones on high resolution CT scans and alcohol-fixed skull bases of adults. The average distance (+/-standard deviation) between the IAC and the JB was(More)
Aneurysms located on the posterior inferior cerebellar artery are rare, and treatment guidelines for them have not yet been established. In this paper, we present the results of a retrospective study which analyzes the management and treatment of 15 patients with posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysms from 2004 to 2013. The aneurysms were ruptured(More)
Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is a clinical syndrome characterized by gait disturbances, urinary incontinence and dementia. Clinical presentation overlaps with Alzheimer disease (AD). Early recognition thus early intervention (shunting) is important for successful treatment, but lack of a diagnostic test with sufficient sensitivity and specificity(More)
BACKGROUND New brain tissue monitoring techniques (tissue oxymetry, microdialysis) provide direct information about the state of brain oxygenation and brain metabolism in patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Despite this information being limited to a small region of the brain surrounding the probes, it could be associated with such global(More)
Disproportionately enlarged subarachnoid space hydrocephalus (DESH) findings on MRI were described as a prognostic factor for responsiveness to the treatment of idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH). Our premise is that DESH could be associated with compression of the cerebral white matter. Microstructural changes can be identified using diffusion(More)
BACKGROUND Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is now widely used in neurosurgery to preoperatively delineate the course of the pyramidal tract. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy of the method by comparison with subcortical electrical stimulation and to evaluate the influence of the distance of the pyramidal tract from the tumor on the resection extent and(More)
Decompressive surgery <48 h from stroke onset reduces the prevalence of mortality and morbidity from malignant supratentorial infarction. We investigated if utilization of decompressive surgery changed in the Czech Republic (CZ) after the release of new guidelines regarding treatment of malignant brain infarction. The volume of decompressive surgery in 2009(More)
The regeneration of the sciatic nerve after microsuture was compared with the connection of transected nerve with a coagulum of autologous blood plasma in 20 rabbits. The epineuroperineural suture was performed in 10 rabbits (group A). The severed nerve was approximated with fibrin glue of autologous blood plasma in 10 rabbits (group B). Their skin(More)