Martin Sadler

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Digital information is increasingly more and more important to enable interactions and transactions on the Internet. On the other hand, leakages of sensitive information can have harmful effects for people, enterprises and governments.This paper focuses on the problems of dealing with timed release of confidential information and simplifying its access once(More)
—We discuss the concept of information stewardship in cloud-based business ecosystems. The constituent concepts of stewardship — which we believe will be crucial to the successful development of cloud-based business of all kinds — extend those of security to encompass concepts of objectives, ethics/values, sustainability, and resilience: all familiar from(More)
Patients with temporal-lobe epilepsy (TLE) present with memory difficulties. The aim of the current study was to determine to what extent these difficulties could be related to a metamemory impairment. Fifteen patients with TLE and 15 matched healthy controls carried out a paired-associates learning task. Memory recall was measured at intervals of 30min and(More)
Trust In a Dotcom World Is security a done deal? Far from it. The talk will emphasize how little we know about information assurance as we move to a world of virtual corporations, dotcoms, portals, marketplaces and the complex interdependencies between online companies-a context that does not easily respect borders. It will touch upon some of the problems(More)
1 Dialogue as a framework for software development The model we are proposing for program development is based on dialogue. The term dialogue as generally used refers to a conversation or spoken interaction between two or more partners. This definition can be used for orientation. Before introducing the model in detail it may be useful to examine the(More)
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