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Digital information is increasingly more and more important to enable interactions and transactions on the Internet. On the other hand, leakages of sensitive information can have harmful effects for people, enterprises and governments.This paper focuses on the problems of dealing with timed release of confidential information and simplifying its access once(More)
Cloud computing ecosystems of service providers and consumers will become a significant part of the way information services are provided, allowing more agile coalitions, cost savings and improved service delivery. Existing approaches to information security do not readily extend to this complex multi-party world. The authors argue for a mathematical(More)
Patients with temporal-lobe epilepsy (TLE) present with memory difficulties. The aim of the current study was to determine to what extent these difficulties could be related to a metamemory impairment. Fifteen patients with TLE and 15 matched healthy controls carried out a paired-associates learning task. Memory recall was measured at intervals of 30min and(More)
We introduce and discuss an alternative method to ensure diversity for common, widespread software applications without requiring additional computational resources. This method takes advantage of the componentisation of modern software solutions and enforces diversity at the installation time, by a random selection and deployment of critical software(More)
We discuss the concept of information stewardship in cloud-based business ecosystems. The constituent concepts of stewardship -- which we believe will be crucial to the successful development of cloud-based business of all kinds -- extend those of security to encompass concepts of objectives, ethics/values, sustainability, and resilience: all familiar from(More)
INTRODUCTION An assessment was made of general symptoms in patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), comparing those who do versus those who do not accept the diagnosis. METHOD A questionnaire pilot study of newly diagnosed psychogenic nonepileptic seizure patients confirmed by video electroencephalography (EEG) was carried out, using a(More)
Managing the information stewardship lifecycle is a challenge. In the context of cloud computing, the stakeholders in cloud ecosystems must also take account of the demands of the information stewardship lifecycles of other participants in the ecosystem. We describe a modelling framework — incorporating tools from mathematical systems modelling, economics,(More)
Recent IT attacks demonstrated how vulnerable consumers and enterprises are when adopting commercial and widely deployed operating systems, software applications and solutions. Diversity in software applications is fundamental to increase chances of survivability to faults and attacks. Current approaches to diversity are mainly based on the development of(More)
The most significant informal motivation for using an understanding of dialogue to explicate program development is readily available. The notion of software development as a dialogic activity coincides with the traditional conception of client(s) and developer(s) sitting face to face across a table the client explaining the requirements and the developer(More)