Martin Sachenbacher

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Traditionally routing has focused on finding shortest paths in networks with positive, static edge costs representing the distance between two nodes. Energy-optimal routing for electric vehicles creates novel algorithmic challenges, as simply understanding edge costs as energy values and applying standard algorithms does not work. First, edge costs can be(More)
Model-based diagnosis of devices has largely operated on hardware systems. However, in most complex systems today, such as aerospace vehicles, automobiles and medical devices, hardware is augmented with software functions that influence the system's behavior. As these sophisticated systems are required to perform increasingly ambitious tasks. there is a(More)
Automated problem-solving for engineered devices is based on models that capture the essential aspects of the behavior. In this paper, we deal with the problem of automatically abstracting behavior models such that their level of granularity is as coarse as possible, but still sufficiently detailed to carry out a given behavioral prediction or diagnostic(More)
Electric vehicles (EV) powered by batteries will play a significant role in the road traffic of the future. The unique characteristics of such EVs – limited cruising range, long recharge times, and the ability to regain energy during deceleration – require novel routing algorithms, since the task is now to determine the most economical route rather than(More)
Constraint optimization underlies many problems in AI. We present a novel algorithm for finite domain constraint optimization that generalizes branch-and-bound search by reasoning about sets of assignments rather than individual assignments. Because in many practical cases, sets of assignments can be represented implicitly and compactly using symbolic(More)
This paper reports on the application of model-based diagnosis techniques to diesel engine management systems within the Brite-EuRam project "Vehicle Model Based Diagnosis". We discuss some major requirements that have been identified in this application. In particular, it is essential to solve the inherent variant problem, to reason across different(More)