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Inulin is a reserve carbohydrate in about 15 % of the flowering plants and is accumulated in underground tubers of e.g. chicory, dahlia and Jerusalem artichoke. This carbohydrate consists of linear chains of β-(2,1)-linked fructose attached to a sucrose molecule. Inulinases hydrolyse inulin into fructose and glucose. To find efficient inulin degrading(More)
We study a simple system that comprises all main features of critical gravitational collapse, originally discovered by Choptuik and discussed in many subsequent publications. These features include universality of phenomena, mass-scaling relations, self-similarity, symmetry between super-critical and sub-critical solutions, etc. The system we consider is a(More)
Species belonging to Penicillium section Aspergilloides have a world-wide distribution with P. glabrum, P. spinulosum and P. thomii the most well-known species of this section. These species occur commonly and can be isolated from many substrates including soil, food, bark and indoor environments. The taxonomy of these species has been investigated several(More)
Buckling of rectangular building frames is customarily analyzed under the assumption that the effect of axial extensions is negligible. The structure can then buckle only in modes whose wavelength is short, Le., of the order column length. The negligence of axial extensions is certainly justified if the building is not too high as compared with its width.(More)
The static cylindrically symmetric solutions of the gravitating Abelian Higgs model form a two parameter family. In this paper we give a complete classification of the string-like solutions of this system. We show that the parameter plane is composed of two different regions with the following characteristics: One region contains the standard asymptotically(More)
Later developments in community-based PD have put a focus on how societal challenges and technological possibilities call for new forms of participation and civic engagement. In particular, lack of resources promotes public engagement in social innovation, and highlights questions of how innovations developed in a local community can successfully 'travel'(More)
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