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OBJECTIVE In view of ethical considerations and the limited resources in intensive care medicine, the present investigation aims to give a descriptive overview of the prognosis and therapeutic activity for the oldest age group of elderly patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) in comparison with younger ICU patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS 3069(More)
PURPOSE Kruppel-like factor (KLF5) is a cell growth mediator in various epithelial cells. Higher KLF5 increases cell growth rate and leads to transformed phenotypes. Because tumor cell proliferation is tightly associated with tumor progression, and consequently, with survival of cancer patients, we wanted to examine the prognostic value of KLF5 gene(More)
The early results of a combined method of augmentation for extreme mandibular atrophy (Farmand, 1986) are evaluated in 40 patients over a period of up to 12-15 months after operation. The method combines the advantages of the classic augmentation procedure with laminated split ribs (Obwegeser, 1967, 1977) with those of the sandwich technique (Schettler,(More)
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