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Sociologists often describe culture as a repertoire of shared understandings. But because the meanings that social actors attribute to symbols and actions emerge from the multiple associations they make between them, delineating collectively shared understandings is not a straightforward task. Standard quantitative sociological practice, which relies on the(More)
* The initial inspiration for this historical review arose during a professional development workshop at the 2007 Academy of Management (AOM) conference in Philadelphia, in which I addressed the past and future of research on entrepreneurial teams. I would like to thank Howard Aldrich, Hans Landström, and Franz Lohrke for their helpful feedback on an(More)
Demographic and organizational theories yield mixed evidence as to whether ethnic economies are a benefit or hindrance to the status attainment of residents and entrepreneurs. In this paper, we provide one possible theoretical resolution by separating the positive effects that may emanate among co-ethnic neighbors from the negative effects that may result(More)