Martin Rudolph

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In this paper a new test scheduling problem is described and an algorithm for its solution is presented. Hardware overhead and test application time is saved by executing tests in parallel, when BIST (Built-In Self-Test) structures are integrated on the chip. We achieve a reduction in the bit width of the control signals and the global area of the(More)
Highlights:  Attachment of elongated particles on a gas bubble is investigated  Translational particle velocities are compared with simulated data  Two kinds of attachments, which depend on the collision area, are discovered  Results are relevant to three-phase flow separation processes such as flotation Abstract: 1 Froth flotation is a separation(More)
This experimental study deals with the colloidal stability of sterically functionalized magnetite nanoparticles in a low dielectric constant organic solvent with different concentrations of technical grade polymers. Those dispersions are the starting point of a solution and spray drying process chain to synthesize highly filled nanocomposite materials with(More)
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