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Application dependent FPGA testing can reduce time and memory requirements comparing with the tests that exercise complete FPGA structure. This paper describes a methodology of FPGA testing that does not require reconfiguration of the tested hardware and thus it preserves conditions that caused erroneous behavior of the FPGA during its function. We show(More)
Runtime reconfigurable systems become more prevalent in numerous practical applications because these systems have a great flexibility. This paper presents a reconfigurable system implemented on Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) where partial bitstream relocation (PBR), configuration memory readback and internal registers restoration techniques(More)
We propose a sequential test pattern decompressor enabling dynamic reseeding. It reduces dependency between the decompressor output bits during the first few clock cycles after decompressor reset. Due to this fact, a lower number of clock cycles is necessary to be performed in order to encode test patterns. We evaluated features influencing the(More)