Martin Rothenberg

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Frequency of vibration has not been widely used as a parameter for encoding speech-derived information on the skin. Where it has been used, the frequencies employed have not necessarily been compatible with the capabilities of the tactile channel, and no determination was made of the information transmitted by the frequency variable, as differentiated from(More)
It has been shown previously that a mask-type wire screen pneumotachograph can be constructed with a time resolution of 1/2 msec. In this paper it is shown that with careful design a resolution of about 1/4 msec can be achieved. The various factors involved in optimizing such a mask are described. A major practical limitation in the design has been the need(More)
A number of commercial devices for measuring the transverse electrical conductance of the thyroid cartilage produce waveforms that can be useful for monitoring movements within the larynx during voice production, especially movements that are closely related to the time-variation of the contact between the vocal folds as they vibrate. This paper compares(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the laryngeal behavior associated with the perceptually fluent speech of young stutterers (n = 8) to that of their normally fluent peers (n = 8). Laryngeal behavior during fluent productions of the initial and final consonants and medial vowels in each of the words Pete, bake, face, and veal was observed by means of(More)
Measured in this study was the ability of eight hearing and five deaf subjects to identify the stress pattern in a short sentence from the variation in voice fundamental frequency (F0), when presented aurally (for hearing subjects) and when transformed into vibrotactile pulse frequency. Various transformations from F0 to pulse frequency were tested in an(More)
The principal-components statistical procedure for data reduction is used to efficiently encode speech power spectra by exploiting the correlations of power spectral amplitudes at various frequencies. Although this datareduction procedure has been used in several previous studies, little attempt was made to optimize the methods for spectral selection and(More)