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A new interview schedule for the diagnosis and measurement of dementia in the elderly is described. The schedule named the Cambridge Mental Disorders of the Elderly Examination (CAMDEX), consists of three main sections: A structured clinical interview with the patient to obtain systematic information about the present state, past history and family history;(More)
In this paper we propose an elementary operation on a pair of vector fields as a building block for defining and computing global line–type features of vector or scalar fields. While usual feature definitions often are procedural and therefore implicit, our operator allows precise mathematical definitions. It can serve as a basis for comparing feature(More)
A cornerstone of Einstein's special relativity is Lorentz invariance-the postulate that all observers measure exactly the same speed of light in vacuum, independent of photon-energy. While special relativity assumes that there is no fundamental length-scale associated with such invariance, there is a fundamental scale (the Planck scale, l(Planck)(More)
This paper presents a novel method to extract vertical structures from 3D CFD vectorfields automatically. It discusses the underlying theory and some aspects of the implementation. Making use of higher-order derivatives, the method is able to locate bent vortices. In order to structure the recognition procedure, we distinguish locating the core line from(More)
Pulsars are born with subsecond spin periods and slow by electromagnetic braking for several tens of millions of years, when detectable radiation ceases. A second life can occur for neutron stars in binary systems. They can acquire mass and angular momentum from their companions, to be spun up to millisecond periods and begin radiating again. We searched(More)
In Alzheimer disease (AD) the microtubule-associated protein tau is redistributed exponentially into paired helical filaments (PHFs) forming neurofibrillary tangles, which correlate with pyramidal cell destruction and dementia. Amorphous neuronal deposits and PHFs in AD are characterized by aggregation through the repeat domain and C-terminal truncation at(More)
Choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) activity and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) concentration were measured in 19 cerebral cortical areas and 22 subcortical areas of brains from 26 control and 25 histologically proven cases of Alzheimer's disease. Reduced ChAt activity was observed in all the cortical areas examined in the Alzheimer cases dying before the(More)
We demonstrate that mobile phones can be used as an actively oriented handheld musical performance device. To achieve this we use a visual tracking system of a camera phone. Motion in the plane, relative to movable targets, rotation and distance to the plane can be used to drive MIDI enabled sound generation software or hardware. Mobile camera phones are(More)