Martin Rosner

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The gabbroic layer comprises the majority of ocean crust. Opportunities to sample this expansive crustal environment are rare because of the technological demands of deep ocean drilling; thus, gabbroic microbial communities have not yet been studied. During the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expeditions 304 and 305, igneous rock samples were collected(More)
Reed-Solomon (RS) error correction codes are being widely used in modern communication systems such as compact disk players or satellite communication links. RS codes rely on arithmetic in nite, or Galois elds. The speciic eld GF(2 8) is of central importance for many practical systems. The most costly, and thus most critical, elementary operations in RS(More)
There are many applications for true, unpredictable random numbers. For example the strength of numerous cryptographic operations is often dependent on a source of truly random numbers. Sources of random information are available in nature but are often hard to access in integrated circuits. In some specialized applications, analog noise sources are used in(More)
This study was designed to provide high-density data on spatial distribution of three herbicides with different physiochemical characteristics in a sludge-amended and non-amended control field over the course of an irrigation season. The field experiment was carried out on a sandy loam Hamra Red Mediterranean soil (Rhodoxeralf) at Bet Dagan, Israel. After a(More)
Most modern security standards and security applications are de ned to be algorithm independent, that is, they allow a choice from a set of cryptographic algorithms for the same function. Since the Data Encryption Standard (DES) is currently the most widely used private-key encryption algorithm, DES is usually amongst them. Field Programmable Gate Arrays(More)
In 2005 to 2007 45 skeletons of adults and subadults were excavated at the Lombard period cemetery at Szólád (6th century A.D.), Hungary. Embedded into the well-recorded historical context, the article presents the results obtained by an integrative investigation including anthropological, molecular genetic and isotopic (δ(15)N, δ(13)C, (87)Sr/(86)Sr)(More)
Isotope reference materials are needed to calibrate and validate analytical procedures used for the determination of isotope amount ratios, procedurally defined isotope ratios or so-called δ values. In contrast to the huge analytical progress in isotope ratio analytics, the production of isotope reference materials has not kept pace with the increasing(More)
We present a comprehensive chemical and mass spectrometric method to determine boron isotopic compositions of plant tissue. The method including dry ashing, a three-step ion chromatographic boron-matrix separation, and (11)B/(10)B isotope ratio determinations using the Cs(2)BO(2)(+) graphite technique has been validated using certified reference and quality(More)
The use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies for the enforcement of digital media usage models is currently subject of a heated debate. Consumer organizations [1] and national governments [2] claim that DRM technology interferes with basic personal rights, such as the right to make copies for personal use or the right to use content on any(More)
In-situ tapping mode atomic force microscopy (TM-AFM), a powerful, high-resolution imaging technique for determining the structure of surfaces and ex-situ secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS), a multielement, high-depth-resolution method, were used to examine the influence of increasing zinc contents in brass in the early stages of corrosion. Four(More)