Martin Rittner

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Marine accumulations of terrigenous sediment are widely assumed to accurately record climatic- and tectonic-controlled mountain denudation and play an important role in understanding late Cenozoic mountain uplift and global cooling. Underpinning this is the assumption that the majority of sediment eroded from hinterland orogenic belts is transported to and(More)
Although it is not known when or where life on Earth began, some of the earliest habitable environments may have been submarine-hydrothermal vents. Here we describe putative fossilized microorganisms that are at least 3,770 million and possibly 4,280 million years old in ferruginous sedimentary rocks, interpreted as seafloor-hydrothermal vent-related(More)
Besides security, comfort and multimedia functions the electronics fraction of the added value in motorcars rose up to 20% in the year 2006 because of resource efficiency and environmental compatibility. And it will continue strongly with the further electrification of the powertrain (HEV, FC, EV) (forecast: 30% in the year 2025 [1]). But electrifying the(More)
The original version of this Article contained errors in the Supplementary Information files: Zircon U-Pb age results for sample 23, shown in Supplementary Fig. 3, are incorrect, and missing from Supplementary Data 1, while several identification labels relating to Yellow River Lanzhou terraces samples are missing from Supplementary Data 2. Supplementary(More)
The influence of the sexual cycle on the olfactory sensitivity of wild female house mice (Mus musculus domesticus) Abstract Studied was the influence of the sexual cycle of the olfactory sensitivity of wild female house mice (Mhs musculus domesticus), using a two-choice training apparatus. Large fluctuations in olfactory sensitivity related to the sexual(More)
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