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CASPA Composition and Analysis of Stochastic Process Algebra stochastic process algebra tool performance and dependability modelling, analysis and verification. Markovian transitions negative exponentially distributed transitions used for modelling delays specification by rates Immediate transitions used for modelling timeless actions (e.g.(More)
This paper presents LARES, a novel approach to the modeling of fault-tolerant systems. We introduce a formalism for describing the structure of a system which is able to express dynamic behavior such as imperfect coverage, common cause errors, failure propagation, increase of failure rates after partial system failure, and phased missions. It is designed(More)
Development of the stochastic process algebra tool CASPA started in 2003 [7]. CASPA is fully symbolic, representing state sets and transition systems by multi-terminal binary decision diagrams (MTBDD). In 2006, a symbolic model checking algorithm was developed for CASPA, verifying quantitative requirements formulated by means of the stochastic temporal(More)
Critical infrastructures (CI) are very complex and highly interdependent systems, networks and assets that provide essential services in our daily life. Most CI are either built upon or monitored and controlled by vulnerable information and communication technology (ICT) systems. Critical infrastructures are highly interconnected systems and often use(More)
This paper addresses the quantitative analysis of gossiping protocols. In contrast to existing approaches which are entirely based on the simulation of the individual nodes' behaviours, we present a new approach based on summary stochastic models for the peer sampling service. Instead of an ordinary state- and transition-based model, a matrix-based approach(More)
Discontinuous constituents and free word order pose constant problems in natural language parsing. String generating hypergraph grammars have been proven useful for handling discontinuous constituents. In this paper we describe a new notation for hypergraph productions that allows on-the-fly interconnection of graph parts with regard to user-defined(More)
The sandfish lizard, Scincus scincus (Squamata: Scincidae), spends nearly its whole life in aeolian sand and only comes to the surface for foraging, defecating and mating. It is not yet understood how the animal can respire without sand particles entering its respiratory organs when buried under thick layers of sand. In this work, we integrated biological(More)