Martin Riedl

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CASPA Composition and Analysis of Stochastic Process Algebra stochastic process algebra tool performance and dependability modelling, analysis and verification. Markovian transitions negative exponentially distributed transitions used for modelling delays specification by rates Immediate transitions used for modelling timeless actions (e.g.(More)
This paper addresses the quantitative analysis of gossiping protocols. In contrast to existing approaches which are entirely based on the simulation of the individual nodes' behaviours, we present a new approach based on summary stochastic models for the peer sampling service. Instead of an ordinary state- and transition-based model, a matrix-based approach(More)
Discontinuous constituents and free word order pose constant problems in natural language parsing. String generating hyper-graph grammars have been proven useful for handling discontinuous constituents. In this paper we describe a new notation for hypergraph productions that allows on-the-fly interconnection of graph parts with regard to user-defined(More)
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