Martin Reinders

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We argue for the separation of object and reflective problem solving levels and a selfrepresentation that is distinct from the object-level because it is selective, specialised and knowledge oriented, i.e., it is a knowledge-level model congruent with the KADS conceptual model of the object system. As an example we describe a conceptual model for competence(More)
In this paper we evaluate and extend existing methods for an intended application for monitoring and diagnosis of a combined heat-power system. Only a few methods in model based diagnosis take advantage of the available design model by using (semi-)qualitative abstractions of ordinary differential equations, e.g. by Dvorak and Kuipers (1989), Ng (1990) and(More)
New KARL (Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Language) allows to specify all parts of a problem-solving method (PSM). It is a formal language with a welldefined semantics and thus allows to represent PSMs precisely and unambiguously yet abstracting from implementation detail. In this paper it is shown how the language KARL has been modified and(More)
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