Martin Reinders

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In this paper we develop a conceptual modelling framework for knowledge-level reflection (KLR), i.e, the modelling of tasks that require a self-representation of a knowledge system's own object-level problem solving tasks. This framework builds upon the KADS methodology for knowledge acquisition and design of knowledge systems [Hayward et al., 1987,(More)
a three month literature study in the field of motion segmentation. The goal of this thesis is to research how motion segmentation in video images can be done in a discriminative procedure, given a number of hand-labeled training images. Pattern recognition techniques are applied to train a classifier that can later be used to segment new video images.
16-the introduced mapping operator allows to exploit all information of the domain layer by the PSM at the inference layer. This supports the reuse of the PSM in another domain and the reuse of the domain layer for another task. • The introduced mappings allow to map expressions described in one terminology into expressions described in another terminology.(More)
In this paper we evaluate and extend existing methods for an intended application for monitoring and diagnosis of a combined heat-power system. Only a few methods in model based diagnosis take advantage of the available design model by using (semi-)qualitative abstractions of ordinary differential equations, e.g. by Dvorak and Kuipers (1989), Ng (1990) and(More)
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