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The molecular dynamics of poly(2-vinyl-pyridine) (P2VP) brushes is measured by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS) in a wide temperature (250 K to 440 K) and broad spectral (0.1 Hz to 1 MHz) range. This is realized using nanostructured, highly conductive silicon electrodes being separated by silica spacers as small as 35 nm. A "grafting-to"-method is(More)
In this article we are going to explore a fundamental problem of modern virtual spaces in so called location-based games: annihilation of space through augmentation. Augmentation re-shapes the perception of the real object in space (which is not originally part of the game) by making it an active element of the game, i.e. it utilizes the object (and(More)
ion of an ‘original’ reality rich in variety was transformed, via an abstract model, into a new reality – the space of the world is flow, structured flow according to functions, and it became not only an augementation device for a primordial reality already existing, but the reality, the world perceived as relevant. It started with the appliance of(More)
Social network analysis (SNA) has attracted a lot of attention over the past years. Existing tools for SNA do not allow a user-centric analysis of the social neighborhood, i.e., the subgraph of the user's friends and friends of a friend. In this paper, we introduce SONAR, an open source Web application for user-centric SNA. Its extensible architecture and(More)
The notion of predictive coding is a common feature of many theories of auditory information processing. Experimental demonstrations of predictive auditory processing often rest on omitting predictable input in order to uncover the prediction made by the brain. Findings show that auditory cortical activity elicited by the omission of a predictable tone(More)
In this article we are going to explore a tendency in virtual world design towards the creation of non-functionalized virtual worlds, i.e. worlds which only exist to exist without resembling any function in their design. We are going to show how this tendency is grounded in the ongoing process of formatization in the real world by introducing a 4-step model(More)
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