Martin Raible

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A nonlinear stochastic growth equation is derived from ~i! the symmetry principles relevant for the growth of vapor deposited amorphous films, ~ii! no excess velocity, and ~iii! a low-order expansion in the gradients of the surface profile. A growth instability in the equation is attributed to the deflection of the initially perpendicular incident particles(More)
A nonlinear stochastic growth equation for the spatiotemporal evolution of the surface morphology of amorphous thin films in the presence of potential density variations is derived from the relevant physical symmetries and compared to recent experimental results. Numerical simulations of the growth equation exhibit a saturation of the surface morphology for(More)
– Experimental results on amorphous ZrAlCu thin-film growth and the dynamics of the surface morphology as predicted from a minimal nonlinear stochastic deposition equation are analysed and compared. Key points of this study are: i) an estimation procedure for coefficients entering into the growth equation and ii) a detailed analysis and interpretation of(More)
Two previously suggested, physically distinct mechanisms for a growth instability of vapor deposited films, the finite atomic size effect and the particle deflection effect due to interatomic attraction, are reconsidered, further analyzed, and compared. We substantiate why the instability caused by interatomic attraction must be considered as the truly(More)
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