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This paper presents a review of already collected non-native speech databases. Although the number of non-native speech databases is significantly less than the one of common speech databases, there were already a lot of data collection efforts taken at different institutes and companies. Because of the comparably small size of the databases, many of them(More)
The project Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation (TC-STAR) aims at making a break-through in speech-to-speech translation research, significantly reducing the gap between the performance of machines and humans at this task. Technological and scientific progress is driven by periodic, competitive evaluations within the project. For(More)
In many embedded systems commands and other words in the user’s main language must be recognized with maximum accuracy, but it should be possible to use foreign names as they frequently occur in music titles or city names. Example systems with constrained resources are navigation systems, mobile phones and MP3 players. Speech recognizers on embedded systems(More)
In this paper we present an approach for speech recognition of multiple languages with constrained resources on embedded devices. Examples of such systems are navigation systems, mobile phones and MP3 players. Speech recognizers on such systems are typically to-date semi-continuous speech recognizers, which are based on vector quantization. Typical vector(More)
Our goal is to provide a multilingual speech based Human Machine Interface for in-car infotainment and navigation systems. The multilinguality is for example needed for music player control via speech as artist and song names in the globalized music market come from many languages. Another frequent use case is the input of foreign navigation destinations(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to support health technology assessment (HTA) capacity building in Member States of the European Union with limited experience or without institutionalized HTA. The main output is a Handbook on HTA Capacity Building. METHODS The methods used were worldwide surveys of (i) HTA organizations, (ii) information management(More)
In-car infotainment and navigation devices are typical examples where speech based interfaces are successfully applied. While classical applications are monolingual, such as voice commands or monolingual destination input, the trend goes towards multilingual applications. Examples are music player control or multilingual destination input. As soon as more(More)
In this paper we present Lbs, a load-management-system for network based concurrent computing. The system is built on Pt-Pvm, a library based on the PVM system. Pt-Pvm provides message passing and process management facilities at thread and process level for a cluster of workstations running the UNIX operating system. The presented system is realized as an(More)