Martin R. Holmer

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Researchers have argued that the tax subsidy to employer-provided health insurance has led to overinsurance, excess demand for medical care, and to rapid expenditure growth in the medical care sector. This paper determines the quantitative significance of this linkage, using existing estimates of the elasticities of demand for health insurance and medical(More)
Current methods used for stochastic projection of the finances of the combined Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance (OASDI) trust fund are described and found to have problems. Structural time series models and alternative Monte Carlo procedures are identified as new methods that may be able to solve these problems. The new methods are(More)
This note outlines a proposed development agenda that would add and test two major capabilities to the state health insurance market simulation model. The model is being developed to provide policy analysis capabilities for states considering reforms that seek to make health insurance more affordable and accessible, especially to employees of small(More)
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