Martin R. Fischer

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PURPOSE Empathy is a key element of patient-physician communication; it is relevant to and positively influences patients' health. The authors systematically reviewed the literature to investigate changes in trainee empathy and reasons for those changes during medical school and residency. METHOD The authors conducted a systematic search of studies(More)
Finally finished! Earlier this June, the National Competence Based Catalogues of Learning Objectives for UndergraduateMedical Education (NKLM) andDental Education (NKLZ) were passed with overwhelming agreement at the annual meeting of the Association of Medical Faculties in Germany (MFT) [ nklm-nklz_2015-07-27.pdf, cited(More)
OBJECTIVES A case-based, worked example approach was realised in a computer-based learning environment with the intention of facilitating medical students' diagnostic knowledge. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the approach, two additional measures were implemented: erroneous examples and elaborated feedback. In the context of an experimental study,(More)
We have developed a novel chip-level membrane de7ection experiment particularly suited for the investigation of sub-micron thin (lms and microelectro-mechanical systems. The experiment consists of loading a (xed–(xed membrane with a line load applied at the middle of the span using a nanoindenter. A Mirau microscope interferometer is positioned below the(More)
In this paper, we identify the Young’s modulus and residual stress state of a free-standing thin aluminum membrane, used in MEMS radio-frequency (rf) switches. We have developed a new methodology that combines a membrane deflection experiment (MDE) and three-dimensional numerical simulations. Wafer-level MDE tests were conducted with a commercially(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Fatigue, cognitive, and affective disorders are relevant symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS). The treatment with Natalizumab has a positive effect on physical disabilities in patients with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS). Some studies describe improvements in cognition and fatigue over 1 year of treatment. Only little is known about(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether there are differences in learning outcomes after the application of self-determined (intrinsic motivation) or mandatory (extrinsic motivation) use of e-learning units in an undergraduate radiology internship. METHODS 96 medical students undergoing a one-week radiology internship were included in this study. Ten electronic(More)
BACKGROUND E-Learning applications are part and parcel of modern medical curricula. Despite this increasing use, the empirical basis for an optimal integration strategy of computerized teaching methods is small for medical education. In addition to general aspects of integrating e-learning into a curriculum, like feasibility, software and content(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical undergraduate medical education at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich (LMU) is supplemented by computerized case presentations. This educational strategy teaches problem-solving abilities and differential diagnostic reasoning, thus preparing the students for the management of actual clinical situations with real patients. This(More)
BACKGROUND Problem-based Learning (PBL) has been suggested as a key educational method of knowledge acquisition to improve medical education. We sought to evaluate the differences in medical school education between graduates from PBL-based and conventional curricula and to what extent these curricula fit job requirements. METHODS Graduates from all(More)