Martin R. Dix

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[1] There is ample evidence that anthropogenic aerosols have important effects on climate in the Northern Hemisphere but little such evidence in the Southern Hemisphere. Observations of Australian rainfall and cloudiness since 1950 show increases over much of the continent. We show that including anthropogenic aerosol changes in 20th century simulations of(More)
Claims are often made that the electronystagmographic recording of induced nystagmic responses either with eye closure or in darkness enhances the sensitivity of the test. While this may be true of certain parameters it is not true of all and may in fact lead to a reduction in the diagnostic information obtainable with optic fixation upon a target.
An increased incidence of E. coli sepsis has been observed in neonates given intramuscular iron-dextran for prevention of iron deficiency. Mechanisms for this apparent effect on susceptibility to infection were investigated by comparing phagocytic and antibacterial functions in paired samples of venous blood from 7 infants, median age 5 days, before and(More)