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A new analytically and numerically manageable model collision operator is developed specifically for turbulence simulations. The like-particle collision operator includes both pitch-angle scattering and energy diffusion and satisfies the physical constraints required for collision operators: it conserves particles, momentum, and energy, obeys Boltzmann's(More)
More Electric Aircraft are currently being developed so that in the future all non-propulsive power on an aircraft can be provided by the electrical system. In this electrical system, it is expected that several motor loads will run in parallel from a single DC bus. The paper will investigate the interactions between five motor loads connected to a common(More)
A set of key properties for an ideal dissipation scheme in gyrokinetic simulations is proposed, and implementation of a model collision operator satisfying these properties is described. This operator is based on the exact linearized test-particle collision operator, with approximations to the field-particle terms that preserve conservation laws and an(More)
Does visual processing influence mental arithmetic? The relationship between high and low visual similarity and horizontal versus vertical presentation was examined in three-digit addition problems with two carries (ex. 518 + 294). Adults (20 female, 20 male) solved vertically presented problems faster than horizontally presented problems and solved(More)
The LHC [1] will be supplied, via the SPS, with protons from the pre-injector chain comprising Linac2, PS Booster (PSB) and PS. These accelerators have undergone a major upgrading programme [2] during the last five years so as to meet the stringent requirements of the LHC. These imply that many high-intensity bunches of small emittance and tight spacing (25(More)
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