Martin Rödholm

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PRIMARY OBJECTIVE The purpose was to evaluate a new self-reporting scale for assessment of mental fatigue and its usefulness in describing mental fatigue after neurological diseases and injuries. Mental fatigue is suggested to comprise a spectrum of items including sensory, emotional and cognitive symptoms. METHODS AND PROCEDURES Mental fatigue and(More)
OBJECTIVES Neuropsychiatric symptoms commonly found after aneurysmal SAH are covered in the astheno-emotional disorder (AED) of Lindqvist & Malmgrens diagnostic system for organic psychiatry. This study aims to describe the reliability and symptomatology of AED and its relationship with social outcome. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients referred due to(More)
The behavior exhibited by human fathers at their first contact with the young was studied on 15 fathers of full-term infants delivered by cesarean section. The naked infant was presented to the father approximately 15 min after delivery, and photographs were taken every second during the first 7 min of contact. An orderly progression of behavior was(More)
OBJECTIVE There is no universally accepted consensus for organic psychiatric disorders (OPDs) between the two major classifications, ICD-10 and DSM-IV. The aim was to compare the coverage of these systems with the Lindqvist & Malmgren (LM) classification system for organic psychiatry. METHOD Organic psychiatric disorders were diagnosed according to(More)
Mothers and fathers of 20 boys and 20 girls representing all social classes were filmed when playing with their 6-month-old infants in a standardized playing situation. The vocal behavior of the parents and their infants was analyzed for sex differences. In addition, vocal activity was compared in parents and infants. Mothers showed a higher vocal activity(More)
OBJECTIVES The Lindqvist & Malmgren's system was used to describe the outcome of organic psychiatric disorders (OPDs) after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) and their associations with age, bleeding severity, and pre-existing arterial hypertension (preAH). MATERIAL AND METHOD OPDs were diagnosed at 3, 6, and 12 months after aSAH in a prospective(More)
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