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OBJECTIVE To investigate intraocular penetration of orally administered doxycycline in the normal equine eye and to compare intraocular and serum doxycycline concentrations. Procedures Six mares were administered doxycycline at 10 mg/kg every 12 h by nasogastric tube for 5 days. Blood, aqueous, and vitreous samples were collected on days 1 and 5. All(More)
In this work, the Liquid Impingement Erosion (LIE) performances of deep-rolling (DR) treated and non-treated Ti64 were investigated. Various erosion stages, from the incubation to the terminal erosion stages, could be observed. A full factorial design of experiments was used to study the effect of DR process parameters (Feed Rate, Spindle Velocity, Number(More)
The exfoliated nanocomposite is of particular interest because it maximizes the interactions between polymers and clays, and thus it should result in dramatic improvements in mechanical and physical properties. However, it seems to be very difficult to exfoliate organoclay in epoxy resins. Organoclay is always aggregated on the micro-scale in epoxy resins(More)
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