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Agricultural technologies have a huge potential for being classified in "environmental technologies" because agricultural activity allows us to reduce the environmental burden of human activities by using organic waste and sludge in biomass production. Furthermore, the recycling of this organic waste, which must continue to appear positively in the(More)
What do young people and families living with an eating disorder need from a public health service system? What do clinicians and services need to provide treatment, particularly family-based treatment? How do we go about creating a public health system which provides early, equitable and quality access to evidence-based treatment for young people? The(More)
We report the production of radioactive iodinated (125 I) derivatives of prostaglandins E1, E2, F2alpha and their use in radioimmunological assays. Histamine or tyramine was coupled to the prostaglandins carboxyl group and the iodination was accomplished using the chloramine T method. The high specific radioactivity of these tracers and the resolution of(More)
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