Martin Pomerantz

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1. To examine the activity of single units in the lateral striatum of the awake rat with respect to sensorimotor function, 788 units were recorded during locomotion and passive testing. The focus of this report is on 138 units (18%) that fired in relation to sensorimotor activity of a single limb. The remaining units were related to other body parts (16%),(More)
This paper describes the ongoing development of the ‚o—ms physics-based simulator for planetary surface exploration rover vehicles. ‚o—ms includes models for various subsystems and components of the robotic vehicle including its mechanical subsystem, an electrical subsystem, internal and external sensors, on-board resources, on-board control software, the(More)
(NSF) provides awards for research in the sciences and engineering. The awardee is wholly responsible for the conduct of such research and preparation of results for publication. The Foundation, therefore, does not assume responsibility for such findings or their interpretation. The Foundation welcomes proposals on behalf of all qualified scientists and(More)
The scanning tunneling microscope (STM) can be used to measure current-voltage characteristics on an atomic scale. The attachment of copper phthalocyanine molecules, in contrast to a variety of other molecules, to graphite changes the electrical characteristics of the STM from relatively symmetric to highly asymmetric or rectifying. Evidence is presented to(More)
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