Martin Pollet

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ActiveMath is a generic web-based learning system that dynamically generates interactive (mathematical) courses adapted to the student’s goals, preferences, capabilities, and knowledge. The content is represented in an semantic xml-based format. For each user, the appropriate content is retrieved from a knowledge base and the course is generated(More)
We compare the styles of several proof assistants for mathematics. We present Pythagoras’ proof of the irrationality of √ 2 both informal and formalized in (1) HOL, (2) Mizar, (3) PVS, (4) Coq, (5) Otter/Ivy, (6) Isabelle/Isar, (7) Alfa/Agda, (8) ACL2, (9) PhoX, (10) IMPS, (11) Metamath, (12) Theorema, (13) Lego, (14) Nuprl, (15) Ωmega, (16) B method, (17)(More)
The capabilities of a automated theorem prover's interface are essential for the effective use of (interactive) proof systems. LΩUI is the multi-modal interface that combines several features: a graphical display of information in a proof graph, a selective term browser with hypertext facilities, proof and proof plan presentation in natural language, and an(More)
In this paper we present an approach to automated learning within mathematical reasoning systems. In particular, the approach enables proof planning systems to automatically learn new proof methods from well-chosen examples of proofs which use a similar reasoning pattern to prove related theorems. Our approach consists of an abstract representation for(More)
We report on a case study on combining proof planning with computer algebra systems. We construct proofs for basic algebraic properties of residue classes as well as for isomorphisms between residue classes using di erent proof techniques, which are implemented as strategies in a multi-strategy proof planner. The search space of the proof planner can be(More)